I’m a Sinner

Alternate lyrics to “I’m the Ocean” by Neil Young

Designed to be scrolled line by line, with music playing. Reading/singing aloud encouraged.

I’m an sinner.

All that I could do was sin.

Couldn’t stop though,

To the Lord would not listen.

I was happy

In my way in my own time,

Guilt suppressed though

Speaking myself through a rhyme.


I lived my life

And I did the things I did,

Made decisions

On my own just like a kid.

On my journey

In my way I got along,

Other people

And myself relied upon.



No one told me what to do.

Higher power,

But I’ wasn’t sure just who.

Thoughts and feelings,

On my own I had to win.

Kept denying

God himself defining sin.


I saw Christians,

What they did and what they said,

Not impressed though,

How their lives seemed kind of dead.

All religions,

Traps with weakened people caught,

Excused myself

From the lot alone I thought.

Then I heard it

Gospel truth laid out so clear


Taken back by reverent fear

Perfect Savior

Suffered died and rose third day

I’m a sinner

He forgave me all the way.


Truth inside me,

His Word living like a man,

Holy Spirit

Sent to help me understand.

Not all nonsense

Stories made up for the weak

Truth’s not abstract,

Christ’s the man that I must seek.

Yes it’s all true

God to earth became a man,

Perfect life lived,

Holy Father perfect plan.

In cool moonlight

Sweating blood death drawing nigh

Giving his life

So my soul would never die.


I must alter

Everything I say and do.

I must serve him

Be beholden to His Truth.

Give up my way

Seek His heart and His reproof

Ask forgiveness

Stop remaining so aloof.


He’s our maker

He alone restores our soul

We’re lawbreakers

Waring with His taking hold

In the wrong lane

Each a god with no control


Till His Word it saves our soul.

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