School of Dialogue


Raised on rubrics and TV

Lacking criticality

Twelve years in the thoughtless tank

Now indebted to the bank

Living far away from home

Free the day and night to roam

Enter Schools of Dialogue

Where within an ivied bog

In lilly padded classroom cells

Logic’s charmed by sweetened spells

Of teachers drawing out opinions

Each within their own dominions

Deconstructing what is left

Trading thought for thoughtlessness

Of idols under covered

Broken knowledge rediscovered

Chipping off a meme or two

Trading totem for taboo

With group hug epidural

Economists will paint a mural

Artists sit in quilt-less bees

As mediums to shoot the breeze

Linguists alter words and texts

Where relevance is so annexed

Knowledge sold for dreaming

Midst choral primal screaming

Psychologists will legislate

What to love and who to hate

As science builds some chemical

To full assure the good of all

Improving thought’s restraint

Internalized recalcitrant

New improved materials

To sprinkle on our cereals

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