Know nothing


“Though people were to place all books of all faculties on earth before us we still could not acquire from them a knowledge of the origin of Adam, sin, and death or of the effect of sin ,for holy scripture alone teaches these things. This is why we should study it for through it we become wiser than the entire rest of the world. Whoever does not consult scripture will know nothing. ” – Martin Luther 

Unknown you choose to let it be, your god could be a he or she,

As well an it, a feel, a fling, anything or everything,

With mankind up above, nothing’s what you can’t rid of.

Knowing nothing in this way, thinking crucified all day,

Proud you don’t know what to do, worshiping you know not who,

Your life’s an open empty book, no need for you to take a look

At anything too closely, accept everything mostly.

In your way with your pretense, your belief ‘s without offense

Fully minus rationale, thoughtlessness your steady pal

Infinite your contradictions, changing movable convictions

Full content without a reason, peace amidst a Holy treason.

Conflicted views you synthesize, thoughts they fade before your eyes

You can’t admit, won’t realize, that nothing’s your belief,

Worshiping a knowledge thief, your liege a clever prince of air

Powers that you hope are there, your spiritual realities,

His entities localities, providing for your constant wants,

Unknown stunts by spirit grunts, leaving you in wonderland

Without a need to take a stand, to get a grip on anything,

Nothing is a jealous king.

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