Isis is

Steer sleepy nations,
Self beheaded
Taters mashed
And changing stations,
From remote,
Couched concentrations,
Isis is
Public relations,
Fueled by our rations.


3 thoughts on “Isis is

  1. fueled by our rations indeed. 🙂

    (and our guns, our money, our perfectly-matching fleets of pickup trucks, our professionally-printed little flags they carry everywhere, etc., etc…)

    I mean, does anyone else just find it BEYOND absurd to believe that a true “terrorist” organization would really drive around waiving massive black flags in the air everywhere they go, as if to proclaim “Here we are! Aim your drones right HERE!”

    I mean, come ON! To me it’s all starting to feel like something out of some eighties, B-action-movie, and we’re expecting Chuck Norris or someone to pop out at any moment and start taking out the masked, flag-waving baddies with karate kicks and motorcycle-mounted missile launchers… Aye carumba. It just, boggles the mind….

      • Ha! That’s clever… and so appropo. We passed the era of “the” elephant in the room a long time ago, and are now soundly swimming in a sea of elephants. Who of us can even say we solidly know what the room actually looks like anymore?

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