The Truths Unknown, The Known Untruths, The Truths Known and The Untruths Unknown or… The Rumsfeld Conundrum

Postmodern Mud


Rising up the hawks and horses,
Choosing both their cause and courses.
Calling out a new oration,
For unity among the nation.

Prepared and unprepared they are,
Fast-acting-slow both near and far.
Precision of the bombs defending,
Yet enemies are never ending.

“He’s over here, he’s over there,
He’s causing yet another scare.”
You chase him in, you chase him out,
A hokey pokey round about.

Chase them in the caves you will,
To shake their hands and wait until.
They sneak out through the other side.
Your hubris cannot be denied.

Needing help you call for aid,
You tell them, “Do not be afraid.
We’ll pay you for your services
And dance for you some dervishes.

We’ll ship you off to old G-Bay,
Kick off your shoes, relax today.
Supply you with a holy meal,
Five times a day you’re free to kneel.

Exercise, stay super fit,

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