Burp and Grunt

Cucumber Lodge


Adam Lanza mystery

Cub scouting at only three,

“Ryan’s” younger brother “was”

A murderer with no because.

Shot and killed mom in the face,

Travelled to her non-workplace

Shot a bunch of people dead.

No survivors so they said.

Paramedics at the scene

Not allowed to intervene.

One of many lonely nuts,

Carnage without blood and guts,

No good friends, no clubs, no teams,

Very little presence seems.

Broke inside with guns a blaze

In a highly focussed haze

Due to violent gaming

Remarkable his aiming.

Built an air of mystery

Missing on line history.

Nothing to investigate,

Off to court to legislate

Medications, guns, and thrills,

Blame it on or take some pills.

Never leave us standing still

Dialectic take your fill.

Media spectacular

Unable to go too far.

Characters from stage and screen

Take their place inside the meme.

Giving people what they want,

False cathartic burp and…

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