The New Calvinists

Postmodern Mud

Calvinist or Calvinesque
Pick your part and weigh the risk.
One part old and one part new,
Apply which parts apply to you.

Half-Reformed and not so certain.
Wincing when you hear the Puritans
Speaking clear on Christian error.
Rome reflected in your mirror.

Embellish each and every story.
Robbing God of his true glory.
Swallowing meat and bones and gristle.
Your words should make believers bristle.

Doctrine creates in you dismay,
“Let’s see what others have to say.”
Sola-Scriptura with inclusions.
Implementing new illusions.

Slowly from the truth meander.
To unbelievers daily pander.
The Way not narrow in your manner,
Corrupting is your Bible-banter.

A new gospel you devise.
It’s not the Christ I recognize,
The Bible by you has been riven.
I pray you’ll turn and be forgiven.

Some reformed and some returning.
Christians need to be discerning.
Scoffing at the simple teaching.
Froward always ever reaching.


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