The Sabbath

The sabbath made for man,

And man made for the Lord.

We hedge Him in our ways,

Deny His love outpoured.

Ordaining work and rest

To help us on our mission,

We put Him to the test

Deny His law’s position.


4 thoughts on “The Sabbath

  1. “Deny His Law position”? (do you believe we’re supposed to adhere to the strict sense of observing the Sabbath on Saturday, that sort of thing…?) Just curious, don’t have a super die-hard position myself either way…

    • I worship on Sunday. I believe there is sufficient scripture supporting it. The relationship of God’s law and God’s love is one that fascinates me. It keeps pointing back to Christ who, as a man kept the law perfectly, and as God re-instituted it with authority. Thank’s for asking.

      • Cool… Thanks for explaining. When it comes to the Sabbath, I always think about Hebrews, I think it’s like chapter 4? Where it talks about “entering His rest” and everything, and I guess I’ve understood that to basically mean that the broader “eternal” significance of the Sabbath was ultimately the hope of Heaven itself… I dunno. It talks about a “Sabbath rest for the people of God”, like how Abraham and Moses never actually received what was promised, (the physical land) and so the Covenant then had to mean that God meant something much more, a bigger “Sabbath”, an eternal rest….

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