I Am Not Charlie

Postmodern Mud

Polarizing people,
Diversity postponed.
March in step, the duple,
The consciences are cloned.

Up now pick your pencil,
Wave it in the air.
Cardboard signs and stencils,
Display your savoir faire.

Freedom temporary,
Terror in your midst.
Mirroring the many,
Mannequins hold up a fist.

Feasting on the fraudulent,
Hungered are the hounds.
Error-filled is each event,
By leaps and jumps and bounds.

Facts are swept into a pile,
Contradictions placed in cans.
The gullible digest the guile,
Conform to despotic plans.

Whip them up like cream,
Place them in the city square.
Mesmerized by man-made schemes,
Glassy-eyed the stare.

Occupy, regurgitate,
The pablum you are fed.
Implacable, with no debate,
The followers are led.

Liberty and freedom die,
In lands that lop the truth.
Branches wither in the sky,
Fruitless is our youth.

Over yonder now is here,
Ponder prepositions.
The folds are held in check by fear,

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