2 thoughts on “Crazy quilted

  1. (just curious… How many of these CNN pundit-types and others do you suspect really are under some kind of “fracturing of the mind”, you know, in the “MK” kind of sense? The more I watch them with “new eyes”, the more it all seems to go beyond even just “read the teleprompter” careering, but that these folks are really drinking the WoT Kool-Aid, or at least one of their alters are….. )

    1. This poem was inspired more from their effect than their affect. One dimensionality tends to project best on television. When they get into the 4-way and the 6-way shots each player needs to push their performance. I think the concept we’re having modeled is one of strict collectivism striving toward a never ending, open ended, utopia, by way of a steady stream of distraction that engenders apathy, and magical thinking (blind faith). The visible minion’s within the matrix are, more than likely, regular people. No doubt these environments are heavily infiltrated with true insiders as well. The front men
      probably useful idiots and/or total sell outs. The editors and producers of the programming probably a thirsty bunch on various levels. We all seem to be part of the experiment on some level. Playing these one dimensional roles over extended periods their presence becomes hyperbolic, almost cartoon-like. On one level I suppose they are victims as well. No doubt MK candidates are dropped into the visible soup to be
      compared with the other “personalities”. The Sandy Hook cast reeks of a like mix.

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