The Image Man Dismembers

Postmodern Mud

God creates an image,
And man tries to dismember.
Man in constant scrimmage,
Against Christ the law defender.

Man makes his own idols,
Idle not his sin.
Pursuing what’s not vital,
Emptiness lies within.

Surrounds himself with dross,
And materials to cover.
Soul cast aside and lost,
Unholy ghostly hover.

Harrowing the notion,
That man is selfish for,
The suicidal potion,
That Satan has in store.

Single man’s ambition,
Giving God no glory.
Erosion and attrition,
Man’s selfish ending story.

Chasing matter and flesh,
Ignored the breathing soul.
Filthy and unwashed,
Out of his control.

Turning not in character,
Immovable from sin.
Man stands in opposition,
Foundation-less and thin.

Rearranged the image,
Deranged in sin’s collusion.
Mangled is man’s visage,
His body in confusion.

Iniquity contorts,
And pulls truth into darkness,
Gender out of sorts,
Broken the yoke and harness.

God laid out the plan,
His divisions wholly pure.

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