Prepared For You

Postmodern Mud

Vacillating bad and good,
False faces hidden under hoods.
Events and actions, new rehearsals,
Double-back-room-deal reversals.

Multi drafted script revisions,
Funds increasing more divisions.
War a state of constant tinker,
Overwhelm the rarely-thinker.

Awash in endless exhibitions,
Enemies with false ambitions.
Arrangements made, the war is fixed,
Truth and lies are intermixed,

In many places inter-sect,
Few if any do detect.
Eyes are glazed and unobservant,
Radicals even more fervent.

Overflowing ardent ardor,
Burning self-made man a martyr.
Attained and trained at camps of fitness,
Retorts, reports from each false witness.

Open your eyes, upon inspection,
The media feeds misdirection.
Re-watch their movements in slow motion,
Engineered is the commotion.

Talking heads implant positions,
Diverse it seems yet no divisions.
Skirmishing at scrimmages,
Enveloping false images.

Superglue the slider puzzle,
Place upon the mouth a muzzle.
Mandibles are fully frozen,
Indifferent is the path you’ve chosen.

So sip the straw…

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