Modus Operandi of the Opus Aggrandize

Postmodern Mud

Waves and ripples move a nation.
Towers topple. Populations,
March in step and then in tune,
Given the slip and then resume.

Alibis, events created.
Time-lines slowly orchestrated.
Departments slow or un-reactive,
Modified is each directive.

Inculcated are the masses,
Popular mechanics running classes.
Followers are satiated,
By media that’s replicated.

Stamping out, minting impressions,
Daily delivered congress Hessians.
Imported are new foreign soldiers,
Fanning out top secret folders.

Gamuts of false governance.
Repercussions are immense,
Power-grabs overextending,
Vaporizing rights unending.

False-fabrications are festooned.
Truth and truthers are marooned.
Oppression covers the morose,
Who won’t accept a second dose.

Implemented medicine,
Making thinkers reticent.
Untruths are self-evident,
Proclaimers portrayed as recalcitrant.

Fingerprints upon the scene.
Provocateurs devise and scheme.
Implanted are actors’s asides,
Cajoling, nudging, walking guides.

Their lines are lifted from the script,
Cubist display, part nondescript.
Live-action and half-animated,
Armatures of wire baited.

Vocals only need vibration,

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