The Deceiver’s Detour

Postmodern Mud

Bullied to accept,
But no room for exception.
Obfuscate adept,
Re-written the inception.

Sinfully adapt,
To Satan’s old contraption.
God’s law re-write, redact.
Commingle contradictions.

Selfishness erupts,
March towards insurrection.
In error fully trapped,
Man denies correction.

At goodness man inept,
Successful at corruption.
Lusfully collect,
The reversal of instruction.

Ambush and circumvent,
Deluded mans’ discretion.
Partially circumspect,
Until reversed direction.

Counterfeit commandments,
Iniquitous construction.
Falsified emend-ments,
God’s glory is abducted.

One’s wages to collect,
Of sin and flesh seduction.
Leads the derelict,
Towards his soul’s destruction.

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