5 thoughts on ““Regeneration” by Shai Linne

  1. oh, that is a good track! (and with a clip of Alistair Begg too, who I quite like…) It’s funny, for years I never really liked hip-hop all that much, but in the last couple of years I’ve been hearing stuff like this, with lyrics that actually talk about stuff I’m passionate about, and it’s made me realize that it wasn’t hip-hop I didn’t like, but just most of the subject matter typically covered in mainstream music…

      1. (have you had a chance to listen to the “Hovindication” compilation album yet? Lots of good songs on there, most of them hip-hop, but not all, and I’m not just saying that because one of them is mine…) 😉

      2. Yes. I listened to everything once. I did take special notice of yours, as well as, following up on a couple groups. When I found Destiny Lab, I was quite attracted to “He’s the one”. Looks like one guy makes a lot of their videos.

      3. Yeah I really like Destiny Lab… To me they sound sort of like “Christian Truther” Cypress Hill or something.

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