By Him

Beasts his companions,
Cobwebs his curtains,
Homeless His parents.
By Him the world turns.

Inspired by “A Body of Divinity, Christ’s Humiliation In His Incarnation” by Thomas Watson,
(c. 1620 – 1686) was an English, Nonconformist, Puritan preacher and author, excerpt and full link below:

“(3:) In what manner he came. He came not in the majesty of a king, attended with his life-guard, but he came poor; not like the heir of heaven, but like one of an inferior descent. The place he was born in was poor; not the royal city Jerusalem, but Bethlehem, a poor obscure place. He was born in an inn, and a manger was his cradle, the cobwebs his curtains, the beasts his companions; he descended of poor parents. One would have thought, if Christ would have come into the world, he would have made choice of some queen or personage of honour to have descended from; but he comes of mean obscure parents, for that they were poor appears by their offering. ‘A pair of turtledoves,’ Luke 2: 24, which was the usual offering of the poor. Lev 12: 8. Christ was so poor, that when he wanted money he was fain to work a miracle for it. Matt 17: 27. When he died he made no will. He came into the world poor.”



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