Disaster Manufactured

Postmodern Mud

Buildings crack and crumble,
As fissures form in fields.
Walls teeter then tumble.
Arrows pierce through shields.

Disasters are desired,
Sired by their producers.
Re-writers are re-hired.
Ignorance diffuser,

Encouraging un-think.
Thoughts become passé,
Eyes a gaze un-blink,
Mindless words arrayed.

Monuments in moments,
Fall and turn to dust.
Fictions used to foment.
A false reality un-sussed.

Plots with gaping holes.
Unseen the precipice.
Reels of film will roll.
Transfixing artifice.

Faults and plates are grinding,
Rumbles scaled on the Richter.
Tick-tock is the timing,
Entertainment our elixir.

Eyes enjoy the fabrications,
Screens are filled with fiction.
Encoded every machination,
Ears absorb the diction.

Audible the piper’s song,
Deluded our devotion.
Pupils dart and dance along,
Involuntary motion.

Partially heard the minstrels words,
Wound up is our attention.
The symbols sometimes seem absurd,
Beyond our comprehension.

The text, subtext, forms a pretext,
A prerequisite of passion.
Emotions, concave and convex.

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