Televisionquest 2015

Postmodern Mud

Rapid-fire the assault,
On retinas, irises, pupils.
Fragments forming the gestalt,
As quiverings quadruple.

Flash staccato. Truncated beats.
Billowing palaver.
Syncopation incomplete.
Confused, unmoved cadavers.

Energetic pantomimes,
Marionettes of collusion.
Artifice of paradigms,
Enshrouded their illusions.

Siting still, absorb the flow.
Electrons ever present.
Eyes fixated on the glow,
Of liquids effervescent.

Bonding to your synapses,
Seduction now conclusive.
Meaningless now meaningful,
In cycles spin elusive.

Unending is the waterfall,
Of fleeting faint mirages.
Unconscious in the caterwaul.
In your electric lodges.

Conscripts enjoy colloquial
Quips and exhortations.
Excoriate and then expel,
Each quick witted quotation.

Meandering to empty wells,
Wandering in wonder.
Tolling now a distant bell,
In ashes fall asunder.

A chasm lies behind the veil,
Voluptuous the image.
The truth revealed to no avail,
Unheeded is this message.

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