Word Destroyers

Postmodern Mud

Spyglass lifted up to eye
Radar searching out the sky
Sonar seeking in the sea
Cameras trained on you and me

Large the ever growing fleet
Out to question all they meet
Judging every thought you think
Truth their object is to sink

Word destroyers on the sea
Wreaking havoc on the free
Launching missiles to dispose
Anyone who may oppose

Stifling speech at the source
Silencing the true discourse
Retreating in to reticence
A coup d’état is your pretense

Admirals sending out the scouts
Removing any signs or doubts
Carriers release their jets
Denying when the chain abets

Commands are followed by each drone
A blurring of the rights we own
Destroyed by the plurality

Fabricating a new farce
Wholeness something that you parse
Your mise-en-scène is a mirage
A deconstructed décollage

Foundations of lawfulness
Dismantled by deceitfulness
The truth that once was plain to see
Now muddied…

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