The Artificial Image Makers

Postmodern Mud

A screen within a screen,
Controlling eyes and thought.
Vacillating in between,
The number one and aught.

Digital dilemmas,
The codes that we ingest.
Adjusting our antennas,
At the tv’s request.

Aligning moving pictures,
Vertical the hold.
Dialectics are restructured,
Horizontal lines unfold.

Flickering the cathode ray,
Synthetic the catharsis.
Stroboscopic the display,
Our limbs become lethargic.

Partially stolid and serene,
A pointillist parade.
Moving dots crash, careen,
Our eyes cannot evade.

Mobius the subtle strip,
Continual the loop.
Edits, cuts, chops and clips,
We hop right through the hoop.

Doing what by images told,
At the transient we clasp.
Passive reins we think we hold,
But held not in our grasp.

A stream pours out like liquid sand,
And falls between our fingers.
Imprinted on our minds, a brand,
Electrons tend to linger.

Lounging on a comfy chair,
Ourselves fully comportable.
Satisfied our glassy stare,
Our insouciance insuperable.


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