The Unending Trail

Postmodern Mud

Terror two for one.
Snipers undercover.
War is never done,
Drones silently hover.

The neo-cons advise,
A war for every purpose.
Roll out merchandise,
More machines to purchase.

Packaged on the shelves,
Enemy provisions,
While Halliburton elves,
Are making ammunition.

Rising/falling surplus,
Both high and low demand.
Cycling the versus,
Vacillating the command.

Enemies commute,
Nike holds their feet.
The numbers don’t compute.
The answers incomplete.

A game of seek and hide,
Accounting and assessment.
Equipping every side,
Hedging each investment.

Assembling coalitions,
Unity diverse.
U.N. admonitions,
Ruling in reverse.

Trade unwanted freedom,
For false security.
Preferring simple serfdom,
Over autonomy.

Evaporating nations.
Freedom in a freeze.
Ambiguous orations,
Liberty on her knees.

Absent the declaration,
A mirror war of smoke.
Negligent administrations,
Their goal is to provoke.

Attaining no objectives,
Staging incompetence.
Hyperbolic invectives,
Fabricating each pretense.

Terror two for one.
Liberty for sale.
Battles lost and won,

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