Outside the box

Cucumber Lodge

God’s outside the box

We without him cranks

Latched our lid shut tight

Giving him no thanks

Round and round we go

Tiresome melodies

Bent compressed unsprung

Human deities

People in decay

Restless paradise

Denying every day

His way His truth His life

Within His revelation

His truth has been revealed

Each of us alone

Took the Devil’s deal

Preferring our own way

Our human parents fell

God sought them graciously

Saving them from Hell

He made us for himself

We locked ourselves away

Willingly deceived

Minus God today

One last go around

No one knows their last

From this temporal world

Exit slow or fast

Weak and heavy laden

He dared a new command

“Come ye unto me”

Our life to his remand

He redeems our soul

Renews our heart and mind

Springs us from the box

Restores us for all time

Repent of unbelief

Cease your weary fight

This poem…

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