The Trump Card

Postmodern Mud

Transition politician,
A role written for you.
Re-branded your ambition,
A statesman’s point of view.

Say all that you will,
Release your bursts of steam.
Clouds of coal to fill,
The skies that seem serene.

Smoke before the mirrors,
The magician’s stage is set.
The more they make it clearer,
The foggier it gets.

True leaders always mute,
Yet speak by other means.
The deck is stacked with suits,
Transparency unseen.

Quicker than the pupils eye,
The plotters do compel.
Nothing ever goes awry,
When discourse has been quelled.

Fluid is the narrative,
But solid are the channels,
As sentences and sedatives,
Are swallowed by the cattle.

Its time to double down,
On truth please place your bet.
Unmasked the ball and gown,
What is seen is not what you get.

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