10 thoughts on “Stumping

    1. I actually watched this one unfold.
      The local news team was eulogizing these two on the air early that same morning. The video was posted right on their local news sight. I actually checked to make sure it had not happened the day before, chilling. Some very strange things said in those very early hours as well.

      1. Yeah, and the “strange things” only continue. What timing, just as I was reading your comment, I’m flipping on the tube to see Anderson Cooper talking to the journalist’s Dad, talking about how originally he thought he was too distraught to talk to the media, but now he realizes “It’s what she would’ve wanted, to fight the good fight, in terms of gun control, etc., but we can talk about that later…”

        The guy doesn’t even seem emotional in the slightest…

        But hey, have you seen the video footage taken by the shooter himself yet? That just shows how undeniable of a false flag the whole thing is, in my opinion. Chalk up another Oscar for the crisis actor’s guild I guess…

      2. Yes, I saw that.

        Real emotion is too real for TV. Faking real emotion is too difficult and would not allow the desired agendas to be embedded so sublimely. They really know how to “use” the medium, to string out the viewer to present the “victims” for their entertainment. When you’re watching a movie, bad acting stands out. When you’re watching the news, bad acting looks “real”, or masquerades as real due to the fact that we are conditioned to believe the news is real or “trustworthy”.

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