St. Darwin’s Space Brotherhood

The Soul of the East

We tend to think of science fiction, modern science (scientism), and religion as three distinct subjects, with minimal connection amongst them. When we consider them philosophically, however, a radically different perspective begins to take shape, as the underlying presuppositions of all three converge. Considering the weaponization of culture under establishment rubrics of full spectrum dominance, all three are crucial cultural drivers that disseminate a prepackaged worldview to consumers. Whether we consider what’s purveyed to Isaac Asimov fans, militant disciples of Richard Dawkins or the followers of L. Ron Hubbard, all three categories have tremendous power to shape, mold and convert the perspectives of their flocks towards a certain desired end. The end goal for this triad in our age of transition is an ultimate into a singular monoculture globo-worldview, one that will function as a kind of new religious mythology.

From the earliest days of what we know as “science fiction,” as conveyed by figures like Jules Verne and…

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