Common we are cored

Cucumber Lodge

When state’s declared supreme
Common we are cored,
With skin intact we’re steamed,
Hand in hand folk lured.

Sliced and smashed in reams,
Our seasoned selves restored.
In love with men and means,
With changefulness adored,

A brotherhood it seems,
Is common at our core,
Where supermen alone
May only run the store.

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2 thoughts on “Common we are cored

  1. I actually saw a story just the other day on, talking about how tons of parents were getting all up in arms, after learning about how many of their kids were getting a math problem marked as “wrong”, even though they provided the right answer. Apparently, it was “what is 3 x 5?” and the kids got it marked wrong, even if they answered “15”, because they also had to say, “15, because 5 + 5 + 5…” (versus “3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3, I guess..)

    Kind of hilarious, but also, really not. At least more people in the “mainstream” are starting to slowly wake up to how Common Core is backwards in so many ways, and realize that it’s not so much about learning, but rather conditioning….

    1. Agreed. I reposted that poem after viewing a the lecture from Dr. Duke Pesta, that I embedded in the post. but. It only shows up when you go to the original post. I had no idea that Gates was involved and how it was accepted sight unseen through states accepting, what were, in effect bribes freeing them from the previous trappings of “No child left behind”. The lecture is must see. I’m reminded of this classic skit from the Marx Brothers,

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