Building Euro-Babylon

The Soul of the East

It should come as no surprise that the European Union’s claim to be “the prime defender of human rights and human dignity in the world”[1] is realizing its totalitarian potential. The hypocrisy is written in its very design, for again, if it has no Absolute Template by which to base ethics and values on and if it is opportunistic, humanistic and relativistic, then it will by necessity be a deviant project. At one point it can stand for ‘Christian’ values and norms, and at the next for liberal (i.e. secular) ones.

Nevertheless, the danger of totalitarianism (in one of its many forms) is very real. Witness the case of two British Christian women who appealed to the European Union after being fired from their jobs for failing to remove their crosses. They were to discover that their right to wear crosses wasnot guaranteed by European human rights law.

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