Postmodern Mud

Trumplestiltskin makes a deal
Opportunity his game
Turning all to gold and steel
Fortune fame his goal and aim

Precisely plotted are his footsteps
People pawns within his realm
Punching jabbing the boxer adept
When the podium he helms

False his vacillating candor
Mud is slung and then he smiles
To popularity he panders
Masterful this serpent’s wiles

A Midas of calamity
Rotating are his steadfast views
Unwise are those who fail to see
His selfless offer is a ruse

Renovated his facade
Blatant is his grand parade
Yet the brainless simply nod
And shout aloud at his charade

Fond of calling things tremendous
His words repetitive and rote
Calmly making thing contentious
The instigator who loves to gloat

Inconsequential is the truth
To those who plod along the path
Fondly follow the uncouth
And gladly trade all class for crass

Great the gold and huge the promise
This ruler…

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