Paper Prisons

Postmodern Mud

Mazes made of words and walls
Pages we ponder and confuse
Catacombs and caterwauls
Designed to constrict and confuse

Doors and mirrors mimic space
Mirages madden every sense
Crumbs are swept away, no trace
Context contorted heavy dense

Weighted is the verbiage
Making the simple more verbose
Multi-cornered curtilage
Keep the peasants standing close

No chains to bind or cells to lock
No bands to break or ropes to loose
In paper prisons ticks the clock
As minds are slid into the noose

A free land with no liberty
Disappeared yet few observed
Erased with none to over see
Themselves receive what they deserve

Eroded laws and moral mud
A nation falls, a distinct thud
Replaced in total, thought control
The name remains but replaced the soul.

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