Patrick Knowlton

Patrick Knowlton had to go.
Patrick Knowlton took the exit,
Over twenty years ago.
Off the parkway just a short bit.

Foster was already dead,
Resting in or out the park.
Silver car not there Pat said,
Brown the car parked in the lot.

Foster Death Coverup, and the Press


2 thoughts on “Patrick Knowlton

  1. It is easy to get confused by the disinformation that has been spread and falsified FBI and Park Police Reports on Vince Foster’s death. There isn’t any evidence that Foster’s gray Honda was chaffeured to the park.

  2. Thanks Eddie for bringing this to my attention. I had assumed that since Foster’s gray car had ended up in the park’s impound lot, that it had been clearly evidenced as present in the lot near the crime scene .

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