To serve man

Cucumber Lodge


Temples of sensation

Mind full of starvation

Man and God well done

Cookbook anyone?

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3 thoughts on “To serve man

  1. Remember what the dormouse from Alice in Wonderland said through the lyrics of Jefferson Airplane’s White rabbit song:

    ‘Remember’, what the dormouse said

    Feed your head.

    Or, she may have meant:

    Remember what the dormouse said:

    Feed your head.

    “But what did the Dormouse say?” one of the jury asked.”That I can’t remember,” said the Hatter. Alice.

    In the war for the mind the Madhatter has lost the capability to remember. He has to rely on outside reality and evidence. Through mind control, gaslighting and witchcraft he has lost that capability as well.

    Remembering ultimately points to our being grafted back into the Lord’s body.

    We are either, after petitioning Him to be re-membered, filling ourselves up with Him or the counterfeit continues to fill our heads and hearts with all sorts of rubbish and we become madhatters ourselves.


  2. Welcome…I was just preparing my next blog post on Alice and end times events ramping up towards the rapture. Your poem helped me put things together. Food for thought. Pun intended.

    The tiniest dots matter greatly … in wording, they co-determine meaning. In our DNA scrolls, stop-DNA is vital as well. We are like books with heads of or on and filled either way.


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