On The Absolute Stupidity of Relativism

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[With the busy work of watching and rearing my two youngest kids, as well as preparing to preach in three weeks, I haven’t been writing as much as I would like. This, however, will change soon, if God so permits. Until then…Soli Deo Gloria!]

If you are a moral and/or epistemological relativist and the title of this article offends you, then there is good news: You are not a relativist. After all, your truth and my truth are categorically distinct from one another; therefore, neither you nor I can claim to be offended by criticisms leveled against us from outsiders to our group. My truth says that your truth is stupid, and that’s okay. Your truth says that my truth is stupid, and that’s okay. Right?

Well, obviously, the answer is No. Even relativists cannot stand being called stupid. And that is just one of the many glaring problems with…

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