Eradicating Education or Making Sure Everyone Is Equally Dumb

Postmodern Mud

I know just as much as you,
Equal our intelligence.
Shared our single point of view,
Substandard is our eloquence.

Across the board, always the same,
Towards correction we’re ambivalent.
All at fault yet none to blame,
Ignorance is deemed irrelevant.

Emptiness will make us closer,
Error just a shade of gray.
Autism prisms every poster,
A spectrum adorns all displays.

Isolated are opinions,
Until the facts can be controlled.
Puzzled faces the position,
Students, thoughtless, are steam-rolled.

Redefined are definitions,
Dissipating common sense.
Eradicating erudition,
Dumbing down the minds essence.

Dissolving space the teacher/student,
Scholastics is too long of a word.
Grunts and howls are much more prudent,
Conjoined the sane with the absurd.

Onward rolling, retrofitting,
Students the commodity.
Indoctrination and unwitting,
The learned now an oddity.

Unresponsive are the minions,
Who rule aloof disguised aplomb.
Conquered are the school dominions,
As the mindless educate the dumb.

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