Managed Dialectics and the Liberal Imperium

The Soul of the East

By: Jay Dyer

The hyped and engineered “race war” the existing establishment in the United States desires is a long-term strategy of tension with numerous historical precedents. To say this tension is exacerbated and stoked by the ruling liberal elite is not to say the difference are not real. On the contrary, cultures and civilizations produce different societies as a natural result of the soul of that people, and this is a good thing. In reality “diversity” is a natural good, as well as the rightful existence of different ethnoi, a classical Orthodox notion. In our day, however, with the rise of atomistic individualism post-enlightenment, “diversity” is now an fundamental dogma of doublethink where the subversive goal of “diversity” is the obliteration of real distinctions and differences.

It is through this crucial contradiction and Orwellian doublemind that two completely oppositional notions are held simultaneously in the minds of the liberal…

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