Pizza gate

Pizza run
Pizza fix
Pizza spun
Pizza tricks

Pizza loaded
Pizza thin
Pizza coded
Pizza grin

Pizza ping
Pizza bait
Pizza pong
Pizza gate


2 thoughts on “Pizza gate

  1. what is your feeling on pizzagate? i have always considered assange/wikileaks limited hangout, but there has always been some truly creepy behavior at highest levels of wealth/power. jeffrey epstein is the real deal. if trump makes no effort to appoint special prosecutor, i would have to take it as an indication that he is in the same club, that being morally compromised is a prerequisite for occupying any position of power in this country.

  2. I can see where my poem might have demonstrated a bit too much ambiguity. The last several ones have been plagued by it as well. I have not been on top of may game for a while.

    I think that the nature and boldness of this leak is of great concern. The recent seeding of the media with memes like “fake news” and “alt right” is telling. It would seem that the desired effect of such a bold leak would be to incite a bold response. That is being seen with increased censorship, and fluff articles already in major papers. The whole thing is an attempt to create blowback that they can spin into a reason for more censoreship.

    In 2009 I met Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal. That was a very disturbing book, but I would recommend it nonetheless. That whole business was exposed more from the bottom up as I recall. The perps got older orphaned kids addicted to narcotics ensuring a closed loop of sorts. Some of the younger kids claim to have witnessed human sacrifice. At least one investigator died. Lines led back to highly visible DC persons, blackmail, the finders, and then was shut down. Charges of embezzlement overshadowed the darker stuff. This seems to be similar accept for the top down nature. I have heard little mention of drugs/drugging with pizza gate, and no witnesses or victims as of yet. This is curious, although if the victims are as young as they appear to be it would be less necessary.

    There appears to be very few reasons not to accept pizzagate as is, and little doubt that it will be used to further alienate the truthers.

    There is an obvious agenda to accelerate the demorilization of popular culture. This type of expose seems more aimed at demoralizing, agitating, and inciting the truth community. They seem desparate.

    I thought this video offered wise counsel.

    Have a good Thanksgiving.

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