He will not divide us?

to dismantle the 9/11 myth

Masses are being mobilized to oppose the Trump presidency. To what end?
Is everybody aware of the new ‘He will not divide us’ cult, starring Shia LaBeouf?
The incessant repetition of ‘He will not divide us’ is really creepy,

and Shia LaBeouf is a fucking douche.

Who will not divide us? Trump? Is Trump the source of the deepest divisions that now exist, or does the seed of division actually reside within all who would remain willfully blind to the ongoing crimes of the 9/11 terror state, for which Trump is just the latest figurehead? By ridding ourselves of all delusion regarding the 9/11 crime, we rid ourselves of the schizoid tendencies and violent impulses that result from the crippled epistemology of 9/11 truth-denial.

The anger that the American people are exhibiting appears, through my own 9/11 truth-tinted glasses, to be an expression of cognitive dissonance. This mass tendency…

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