Gladly she confessed to me,
That ugliness beyond degree,
Its viewing was her therapy.

Proudly labelled her disease,
Hoarding, hoarder if you please!

Fixed upon another mess,
Her dirtiness she does confess,
Relatively, hers is less.

2 thoughts on “Hoarders

  1. “Stuff” makes people feel secure. I remember an older man, long c gray hair and beard, a man who thought himself a Socrates of sorts. He spoke well and long of government conspiracies, world intrigues, and U. F. O’s. I and fellow students enjoyed many many conversations with him. He wasn’t boring. He saved newspapers. All of them. Now, in his later years, one of his many fans ( or. Indulgers ) allowed him to store stacks of newspapers in his homes attic. Problem was, that attic was filed, as was his own place, which we suspected was either under a bridge or a room granted to him by the charity of others….He hinted to myself and other students that he needed more space- stopping talking- giving a brief pause to see if there we’re any takers… , perhaps thinking his charm would give him space in some students dorm or student apartment…. How we enjoyed him!

    1. What a charming account. That television show is so cluttered itself with sinister agendas deconstructing it would be as awesome a task as those they claim to remedy. Thanks for commenting.

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