Freedom Funnel

Postmodern Mud

Bogus is the boogeyman,
Hidden fully under hoods.
Preposterous the candy-gram,
Absconding with the truth and goods.

Ribbons, columns form a line,
To funnel and to filter thoughts.
Narrowing paths over time,
Minds within the net are caught.

Concealed the facts under a cape,
Confining stories and their scope.
Castigating any gripe.
Totalitarian the trope.

Temporary are the walls,
Guiding walkers to to the stile.
Trepidation over all,
Worrying all the while.

At their bidding you are blinded.
Tapers now they’re snuffing out,
Remaining minds are not reminded,
Resign themselves to fear and doubt.

Receding are the peoples rights,
Confined, conscripted and corralled.
Beleaguered with no will to fight,
Into silence collapse the cowed.

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