The Vegas shooter, general aviation, & CIA planespotting

Desultory Heroics

By Daniel Hopsicker

Source: MadCow News

It is a circumstance unparalleled in American history.

Two weeks after a gunman started pouring down fire from a 32nd floor window in Las Vegas on people at a country music festival, police and the FBI remain in the dark over why he did it—and why he stopped.

Something hinky this way comes

The tragedy hit with no warning and took fifty-nine of our number. And despite  being recorded in real time on thousands of cellphones,  there is still no explanation for it.

The motivation of the shooter (or shooters’) remains a mystery.  Hopefully it was more than petulance.

But we don’t know.

Given the circumstances, you don’t need to be a “conspiracy theorist” to sense something  hinky about the official investigation into the Las Vegas Massacre.

In the absence of any sort of  coherent narrative, both concerned citizens and ‘conspiracy…

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2 thoughts on “The Vegas shooter, general aviation, & CIA planespotting

  1. please feel free to get in touch. i worry that people may view my recent divergence into historical/religious/mythical inquiry as a similar tactic of division. the truth of 9/11 will never change, and so i prefer to think about other things, while i keep up a steady drumbeat in the foreground. i have devoted my whole existence to the cause of truth, openness, transparency, for no recompense. there is no money to be made here. and please do not misunderstand me: i lead a blessed life, work hard, am thankful for every opportunity i have ever been given. i earn my wage by manual labor, i have never been payed to produce content, and what i have produced i have given freely. when my partner and i were driving to dc on 9/11 she asked me, ‘what are you hoping to accomplish here?’ ‘our purpose is to usher in the kingdom of God’ was my reply. she can attest to this. she is not religious. her father was brutally murdered last week, on an isolated plot of land [which he owned] in the new mexico desert. he was mining bitcoin. his existence there could not have mattered to any but a handful of people [my partner, her two sisters, his estranged wife, his father and otherwise estraged family] but this i feel was intended as a shot at me. i feel it as a spear in my side. it could hardly pain me more if it were my own father. the most recent event in las vegas, the russian circus sideshow, it’s all so non-sensical and depressing. this is the most virulent psychological warfare campaign in human history, and it is being aimed at me, just as it was aimed at my father, just as it was aimed at her father, just as it was aimed at ted koczynski, just as it was aimed at john lennon, and i am doing my part to put a stop to it. please help me to exist. i launched the ‘nanothermite?’ sign over the white house fence on 9/11. it saddens me to have parted with it, but the thing needed to be done. it was not news because it was not vulgar or violent, and its full expression would have altered the course of human history. it still may. i would be happy to chat any time. our purpose is to usher in the kingdom of God.

    1. Sorry for not responding earlier to this. I’m so sorry for the loss of this close acquaintance of yours. With regard to the content of your recent posts, I had sort of presupposed the explanation you offered. You have my support. You have always remained an an encouragement, as has been the following: “Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.” – Psalm 76:10

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