Playing out your role,
Seeking transformation,
Sharing your control,
Surfing every station.

Actions of the group
Coming to consensus,
Morality in troops
Pleasing to our senses.

The cast, the mob is wired,
Armed with their pretenses.
Compromise desired,
Breaking down defenses,

Reality’s retired
As the play’s repeated,
Collectively, for all,
Everyone’s mistreated,

Corporate spirit guides
Facilitate the play
Steer the compromise
Little day by day.

Those anonymous,
Far away, conflicted,
Leave what’s real behind.
Hopelessly addicted.

Your dress

Enter the show
And slip on your skirt.
There’s no saying no,
And no one gets hurt.

Heckle and jeer.
Climb out of the crowd.
We’ll make you look queer
For yelling so loud.

Your dress is all wrong.
Don’t put up a fight.
Come on play along.
What’s wrong can be right.

Go on acquiesce.
It’s short and it’s tight.
Say yes to the dress,
As long as it’s white.