false flags

Pillars and clouds,
Ancient of Days,
Lies for the crowds,
Truth set ablaze.

Trickery’s fits,
Never stay pinned,
Man’s counterfeits,
Can’t cover sin.

Deep in our souls,
God’s fire and smoke,
Filling our holes,
Until we’re awoke.


Barry Jennings unawares,
He and Michael Hess,
Blown away their exit stairs,
Explosions he confessed,
Were under him, then hanging on,
Breaking out some glass,
Rescuers had come and gone,
Each tower it would pass.
Interviewed him on TV,
Escaping with his life.
A witness to conspiracy
Too hot his story iced.

Best ignore

Best ignore old building seven
Dust the others into piles,
Parts of people gone to heaven,
Hose from streets and domiciles.

Independent science folks,
Spotting iron within the clay,
Take away their microscopes,
Out of hand dismiss their say.

Frozen in the toxic blur,
Tiny elemental spheres,
Crazies they agree to spur,
Ending early their careers.

Airways clogged instilled the rush,
Buried there and caked with ash,
Traumatized we squint and hush,
Blind to where the truth they cache.

Out of the flame

Out of the flame our God spoke His name.
The bush burned but was not consumed.
God answered their cry but Moses reply,
Far too little faith he presumed.
God makes no mistakes. God gives and God takes.
A staff for a snake He will trade,
What’s clean for disease, our ill for our ease,
Our maker can change what He’s made.

Pull it

Larry’s ever clever,
Larry he’s a bandit.
Cranking with his lever,
Larry truth he cans it.
Flaming his endeavor,
Conspiracy he fans it,
Insured against attacks,
Double he demands it.
Ricocheted his word,
Larry’s magic bullet,
Shaken but not stirred,
Larry said “Just pull it”.

Trusted sources

Drilling for their schemes

Signaling their teams

Billowing smoke screens

Mixing with our dreams

Shipping off the beams

Propaganda teams

Told us what was real

Shocked us made us squeal

Questioners suppressed

Kept the lid depressed

No one goes to jail

Guilty of fire sale

But wizardry does spell

Eternity in Hell.