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Kanye West & The False Gospel of Radical Individualism

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nye West & the False Gospel of Radical Individualism

Over the past few days, hip hop producer & rapper Kanye West has been in the spotlight for his open endorsement of President Trump, wearing a MAGA hat, and saying that slavery was a choice. While some people think this is a publicity stunt, I think West seems to be genuinely embracing a new way of looking at the world, and truly thinks he has found out the underlying problem with American society, and the world as a whole. What is the problem?

Being “boxed-in.”

The use of labels boxes us in as humans, which keeps us from embracing our greatness and the greatness of others. Once we put a label on ourselves, we begin to think according to what the label seems to require of us, and that is a kind of mental slavery. This is why West said…

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Good because

Good because He willing suffered.
Good because He full obeyed.
Good because our sins He covered.
Good because He made the trade.

Good because He stooped so low.
Good because He broke the spell.
Good because He loved us so.
Good because He owed us Hell.

Good because He shows the way.
Good because His strength is real.
Good because we cannot pay,
Worse than broke was our ordeal.

Good because that He is God.
Good because He told us so.
Good because the path He trod,
Prophesied so long ago.

Good because He’s who we need.
Good because He makes us right.
Good because God has decreed,
Men with Him give up their fight.