Conditioned there to stare
Conditioned to the light
Conditioned not to care
Conditioned not to fight

Conditioned where to hide
Conditioned to take flight
Conditioned to play dead
Conditioned in their site

Conditioned so it seams
Conditioned in your mind
Conditioned to extremes
Conditioned till you’re blind

Conditioned by folklore
Conditioned into ease
Conditioned into war
Conditioned rest in peace


Tipsy we the people be,
Alcoholic foamy heads,
Emotional our slavery,
When to feelings we are wed.

Colored revolutions are
Numbers painted, readymades,
Breaking windows, burning cars,
Freedoms they assign to slaves.


Converging underneath your skin,
Points they vanish deep within,
Where still they fix you with a pin.

You feel a subtle tingle.
They reinstall their jingle,
As lies and truth they mingle.

The blanker state it reappears,
A state that they can shift and steer,
By spectacle and constant fear.

GM Human® — Bill Gates’ Plan For Our Future — Aletho News

Image source: By Richard Hugus | January 20, 2021 To speak of a “Covid vaccine” is to enter into two falsehoods. As some have argued,1,2 the virus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus two (SARS-CoV-2) has not actually been isolated and therefore cannot be proven to exist. This would  of course be an advantage to […]

GM Human® — Bill Gates’ Plan For Our Future — Aletho News

Little Albert

Little Albert in position,
Little Albert prompted there,
Little Albert, his condition
Innocent and unaware.

Dr. Watson on a mission,
Dr. Watson layer by layer,
Little Albert reconditioned
With his frying pan and hare,

Dr. Watson’s each collision,
Little Albert’s every scare,
Shocked his mind into division,
Psychological warfare.