Liberty hammered
From several directions,
Cliches are stammered,
Undoing objections.

Actors and liars
Scripted their tell,
Stumping agendas,
Our country they sell.

Loved ones unmoved
Just moving the sale,
Agendas are grooved
A whale of a tale.



laugh cry


I’m real and I’m not. I go in and go out.

 I know in advance, what I’ll talk about.

 I aim to convince, all others but me,

 That what you are getting, is just what you see.

 I’m working for wages, someone you can buy.

 Laughing or crying, it’s all just a lie.

Backwards Think


Shocking story, loosely knotted,

Covered by the Newtown Bee.

Starting from a finished line.

The race, we now run backwardly.

And no one saw the race again,

Or so the story goes.

The anti-gospel starts to weep,

We watch it thumb it’s nose.

The anti-gospel starts to cry,

And no one dares imagine why

Things don’t add up, the truth unsung,

Lying wonders re-begun.