Suicide art

Suicide art,
Awareness so smart,
Culturing death in disguise,
Breathless you form,
Collectively norm,
Precipitate what you despise,
Sculpting a savior,
Of human behavior,
In whom we all must agree,
In love with mankind,
You never will find
Freedom, but captivity.
Without God the Good,
Declined personhood,
Rejecting what’s real, resurrected,
Joined hand in hand
Within sinking sand,
To creatures, Creator rejected,
With man as your prize,
You’ll cannibalize
‘Til monstrosities we all are.
“What’s yours is mine”,
Declares Frankenstein
“Inequity’s my wrecking bar.”

Circles stirred

lombardi 2

Mark Lombardi plenty smart

Mark Lombardi made some art

Circles, arcs, connect the dots,

Getting warmer, boiling hot.

Reference librarian,

Dangling some carrion,

Scandals roots and sprouts,

Hung himself. The story out

The height of his career.

Little pretext. queer.

Very next the year,

Manhattan’s rubble cleared.

Drawing near the nexus,

Seems he broke his neck for us,

Locked up there in Williamsburg,

Far too many circles stirred.