From above His artistry,
Modeled there each little pea,
Spaced out, placed so perfectly,

Stretched his heaven by decree.
Here below we clearly see,
Symbols of eternity.

Isaiah 45:12 – “I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host.”



The following statements of William F. Buckley and Mark Lane reference the illustration above, during an early “Firing Line” episode, embedded below.

“For the record I can answer that argument. He maintains that there was a discrepancy between his free-hand drawing of the “x” on the back, and the actual measurement, and I can understand that no doctor is supposed to be an artist with an absolute total precision as a draftsman when he actually had to sketch out…”  -William F. Buckley Jr.

No, but most doctors know the difference between the neck and the back, I think, even if they’re not artistic. And again the question is present and there is a way to resolve it. Why can’t we resolve it by examining the photographs?” – Mark Lane

Artists involved without a doubt.

So what is all the fussing about?

Autopsy photos guilty of crime.

Pictures locked up, perps doing fine.

“You talk about faith in these institutions as if its a matter of religious experience. In a democracy we’re supposed to have faith in our own ability to look at the facts and reach our own conclusions.” – Mark Lane