Earth afloat

Steady washing of the brain,
Mouths agape distracted.
Only two concessionaires,
All others redacted.
On the menu, boiling frogs,
Tender, succulent their chew,
Otherwise it’s shish kabobs,
In the dark you don’t know who
Or what, you dine upon,
Though every year, your value less,
Fading fast, finances gone,
Earth they shout is in distress.
Brother can you spare a dime
To keep the earth afloat?
Fraction reserved banks in time
Build pyramids not boats.

Ship of Fools


Towed out to sea with such precision,

Portholes filled with television,

Our ship of fools now repossessed

Illegally through banker’s jest.

Face the truth for goodness sake.

The corporate cartoon news is fake.

Globalism’s coast guard cutters

Control the multi-nation waters.

Beneath the surface they attack,

And wait to see if we’ll fight back.

Dung Pill Cha Ching


Perhaps we need a happy law, to legislate our feeling.

Happy now in short supply, our wealth the banks are stealing.

Just keep printing money, make sure it looks the same,

Hand it out at carnivals for cheating at each game.

 A drug as well, a sweetener working in the brain,

Preventing those who see it all, to care or to complain.

Intensify the circuses, get people off and rocking.

Skewer them with some horror show to get their knees a knocking.

Now with eyes affixed in shock, mouth agape wide open,

Roll some waste into a ball, a dung pill, pop it in.

Cha ching.

Assure that it’s effective, help them get a grip,

Medications offered, “Do enjoy your trip.”

“It’s not the Destination, It’s the Journey” we’ve been told.

Feeling fine amidst their crimes, our duty to uphold,

To wave the flag from every car, anesthetic nation,

Loving every moment of our slow extermination.

Much improved from cattle cars, and costumes all the same.

They’ve improved both on slavery, and how they play the game.

With patience and psychology, approach from all directions,

Until the earth full ripe demands the last of all elections.