Art School


Bitten by the art bug at an early age

Off to university eager to engage.

Beauty much evicted, suspended decades past.

All art viewed contextually socially harassed.

Things not what they did appear, even in fine art.

Art was made for here and now, beauty just a part.

It set my mind on overload a paralyzing thought.

What of all the lessons my eyes and nature taught?

Beauty nature’s calling card vision’s rock of ages

Carried underneath the bus with other sealed luggages.

Going getting rough demanding cogent blaming.

Beauty gets unpacked and undergoes renaming.

Cute, poetic, pretty, good, lyric, and antique.

Fashions interfering with our process of critique.

 Contemporary art deceptively sublime

Is anchored in a context relevant in time.

Transcendency upon a shelf, beauty obfuscated,

Aiming just at better-ness will not be tolerated.

Beauty, goodness renegades in line and bending over.

This will hurt me more that you, nostalgia it is over.

Change, react, respond to all that does surround,

Dismissing any part of it is only hater’s ground.

You’ll join the club, you’ll play along, doing as you’re told

You’ll compromise your sacred prize, diploma to behold.

Consensus in the arts rotisserie for Mr. Wilde,

Living hell for students who’s budding passion is reviled.