A Reality Debate



 Does sin demand an reenactment, to be understood as such?

God’s holy word too literary, obsolescent, out of touch?

Will images provide conviction, change us with their shock and awe,

Will raw emotion, and theatrics, dominate God’s holy law?

Debate abortion reverently, psychology now exercise.

Avoid rebuke and condemnation, tell not that it’s sacrifice.

For that may lead us to the Gospel, where Christ, silent on the tree,

Hung there bloodied, battered, beaten, hung there voluntarily.

Occult the mother’s blood, distinct, from baby’s safe inside her womb.

“Blood ” and “ritual” avert. Mention not her empty “tomb”.

Speech containing such offense, we must agree is incorrect.

Anchored by our pragmatism, written law we now reject.


It’s by the law  that sin’s made known. This is what the bible says.

Share the scripture with the hearer speak it plainly just as is.

“But evil’s real,” they do protest, it’s presentation entertain.

From start to finish watch it keenly, press rewind, or watch again.

Face the screen! You must confess, abomination’s such disgrace.

Memorize the grim occasion, appropriate a faith misplaced.

Celebrate conjured contrition, be united, joined in awe.

A picture worth a thousand words, surely out weighs the verse of God.

We know better than the Savior, we value our humanity!

Masters of the flesh we are awash in temporality.

Seeking to invent, refine, and humanize the Truth of God.

Make it pertinent, we will, we’ll alter it until it’s flawed.

We’ll show them horrors, bloody corpses, till their skin begins to crawl.

Remove from them their rationale. traumatize them one and all.

Shock each soul to false repentance, feelings now on overload,

Preach the gospel to their senses as a video is showed.

 With their flesh intoxicated, spirit drowsy, nearing sleep

Hypnotically relay God’s plan within a coward’s cryptic peep.

Build a sensory confection, topped with grated gospel sweet.

Chop his Holy Law to pieces, make it easier to eat.

 Stir it into some sweet solvent easier to wash it down.

Patent it, holy elixir, sell it now from town to town.

Altered gospels, misconceptions powerless upon the soul,

Shattered fragments fitting nowhere, now begin to take their toll.


It’s by our flesh we’re drawn away, and by his spirit we’re made whole!

Senses won’t perceive his spirit, our soul perceives God through his word!

Preaching to our fleshly senses, to our mind remains absurd.

The world pulls hard upon our senses by them we’re drawn back to dust.

Guided by our pain and pleasure without God, controlled by lust.

We lie, we cheat, we obfuscate, we’re slaves to sin, let nature be.

  God’s word will shine through smoke and mirrors, declare he died to set us free!

Free from lying contradictions, weighing on our guilty soul.

Ready for the true forgiveness, it’s He alone who makes us whole.

 Don’t show them babies vivisected, torn asunder piece by piece.

Don’t let them watch each horrid gesture, as a life becomes deceased.

Show no scientistic priests of madness doing Satan’s work.

Covered, antiseptic, as they author future grief berserk.

Tell them of the great physician, and we, his children, gone astray.

Tell them how he seeks his own. Tell them he’ll return one day.

Tell them God’s our loving father, How he sent his son to die.

Tell them that he offers life, beyond the grave for you and I.

Tell them it’s our self needs killing. That it’s our self we crucify.

Tell  them of his saving promise. Tell them he’s God, He can not lie.

Dead and buried, resurrected, Christ came to save us from our sin.

Believer you are just a witness. The gospel changes minds of men.