His property

Not a good idea: prisoners in uniform from the 1920 film From Now On.

Uniformed in discontent,
Imprisoned so, ingrown, undone.
Outside of him our hearts are bent,
Diversified, each other shun.

Distinctive when in Him we’re found,
Alive in Him, true liberty,
Members of His body bound,
Restored to Him, His property.

High time

Too busy denying,
Too busy dissenting,
The truth that we know about God.
High time we stop lying
High time our repenting
For breaking the rule of his law.

With sins thick and thin,
Each day we begin,
With thoughts, words, and deeds of our own.
High time, Christ in Him
Confessing our sin,
Forgiven He welcomes us home.


His perfect light forever was.
His local star, His skies
Are messaging our retinas,
Much greater than our eyes.

His perfect light, His only Son,
Though moons may still suppress,
Remind us He has overcome
Our dark with His lightness.

Where the wild things are

From His broken paradise,
Called into the wilderness,
Tempted there with many lies,
Angels did His needs address.

Tempted, in all ways a man,
With us, within our distress,
Willing us to take our stand,
Sure in Him we acquiesce.

Where the wild things are, He’s there,
Where His Spirit brings to mind,
Holy words with utmost care,
Fixing those who know they’re blind.