Neutered church

Neutered church androgynous

Distinctions they despise

Spinning wheels of lawlessness

Unspoken compromise

Lovingly with cautiousness

God’s law they won’t apprise

Unaware their awfulness

Awaiting them surprise

One jacket

Dialectics whittle prey.

Law and justice watch them sway.

Right and wrong they turn to grey.

Compromise prefers all pay

For every crime committed,

Consensus thus outfitted

Stares liberty undone,

One jacket everyone.

The beast

The beast it runs ahead we track it by its dung.

Divorced and pooped collective troop,

Our song is nearly sung.

The vacant stares that will not care

Frolic here without a tear,

Steering clear of Godly fear for coming full undone.


The beast it passes oils and gases

On which we skate about

Along it’s snouted route.

We follow now in line,

Though some do dare

To flank with care,

Spying out on just what fare

The beast does choose to dine.


Our brother’s there it rips and tears

Until they do resign.

Not all consumed,

All meet their doom,

All fuel the beast in time.

Making room for all this way,

Democratizing every day,

Filling up tomorrows

With wagons full of sorrows.

In its path, the silent spent,

Salute their flag, its excrement.

Shrink rap


Disney magic streets, shrink wrap near complete

Underneath our skins we’re all just Disney kins

Plastic figurines homeland’s friend machines

Stiff no progress pilgrims, children minus millions

Everything is shrinking, rotted culture stinking

Habit’s reconditioned thank you television

Advancing hollow stares diminishing our cares

Trading what is real for falsified ideals

Fight Club School


Hit him back I’ll referee

Kick him just below the knee

Social justice by degree

Deconstruct authority

With double wrong decisions

Equalized positions

Vengeful dispositions

Outing inhibitions

Forgetting wrong and right

School’s a club where we can fight

School of Dialogue


Raised on rubrics and TV

Lacking criticality

Twelve years in the thoughtless tank

Now indebted to the bank

Living far away from home

Free the day and night to roam

Enter Schools of Dialogue

Where within an ivied bog

In lilly padded classroom cells

Logic’s charmed by sweetened spells

Of teachers drawing out opinions

Each within their own dominions

Deconstructing what is left

Trading thought for thoughtlessness

Of idols under covered

Broken knowledge rediscovered

Chipping off a meme or two

Trading totem for taboo

With group hug epidural

Economists will paint a mural

Artists sit in quilt-less bees

As mediums to shoot the breeze

Linguists alter words and texts

Where relevance is so annexed

Knowledge sold for dreaming

Midst choral primal screaming

Psychologists will legislate

What to love and who to hate

As science builds some chemical

To full assure the good of all

Improving thought’s restraint

Internalized recalcitrant

New improved materials

To sprinkle on our cereals



Behaviorist the truth you twist,

Existing human souls resist.

 Placing us inside a box

Treating us as Goldilocks

Searching for a perfect fit,

Environmental schemes to fit,

To coax, to prod, to poke, cajole,

Overwrite the human soul,

Lather rinse repeat each day

Washing all our will away,

Countless strategies impart

Ways we may ignore the heart,

Appealing to our brutish sense,

 Fill us with sublime pretense.

Teach the mind tricks to perform,

Steer us toward the absent norm,

Free to make our own false choice,

Getting us to speak your voice

Until subconsciously we start

To settle for the truth in part

Toward the goal of fractured meaning

Collectively then dazed and leaning

With ripe anticipation

Of duties full castration,

Renewed social reformers

Urge group mind on their performers

Who sacrifice all rationale

Left with but a witches spell,

Calling up absurdity

Repeatedly for you and me.

Then fit with bit and bridle,

Senses soothed, thought idle,

Broken, trained to follow dumb,

Anti-thesis the rule of thumb,

Mind control their endless game,

Worship is its other name.

Layered confusion of a mess

Further covers truth suppressed.

 Scott Nobles “Human Resources”, must see documentary film, watch free here